About Us

My name is Jack Henderson Adams, and I am the owner of Western Earthworks. After thirteen years experience in the excavating and landscape construction field, and with the idea that big business and large companies are not always the best solution for residential property owners who want to stay local, and who need someone they can trust, I started this small, personal company.

My goal is to provide a logical, reliable, competent, and devoted excavating and landscape construction service for Franklin, Hampden, Hampshire, and Berkshire Counties. I have spent several years as a logger, forest technician, landscape and hardscape designer and builder. With both an A.S. in Landscape Design, and a B.S. in Urban Forestry, I spent many years cutting, harvesting and excavating as well as understanding, evaluating, studying, and installing trees, shrubs, lawns, and fields. My hands on background and experience on the job site, combined with my expertise and knowledge of plant material in the landscape, is what truly sets Western Earthworks apart from any other earth work contractor in the four county region of beautiful Western Massachusetts.

It's very easy to dream big with a landscape project around your home or property, whether it's a simple fire pit, a hardscape around a newly installed pool, or earth work and shaping in a backyard or field. It can become difficult to identify which step comes first, or what exactly the plan of attack might be. With Western Earthworks a customer has the advantage of allowing one contractor to consult and plan when to turn the building site into a dream home or property and how to transform that site to a very special place. From the clearing of the lot down to the installation of shrubs and flowers, Western Earthworks can make that dream possible.

Sometimes these projects cannot come all at once. Call me to set up a consultation at your property. Tell me what it is that would make your home perfect, and let me do the work to make that possible for you.

There are no excuses for why it cannot, only solutions to why it can.

Jack Henderson-Adams

A.S. Landscape Contracting, Stockbridge School of Agriculture
B.S. Urban Forestry, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Jack Henderson-Adams