Landscape Construction

For centuries the human race has modified and manipulated the existing landscape for a variety of reasons. The way the work has been conducted has changed over the centuries, but one concept and idea stays true: the space created should invite those around it, into it. This is done by the creation of structures, walls, patios, walkways, flowers, shrubs and trees. Simple alterations to existing terrain with these design properties can change the feel, presence and value of any home, field, barn, driveway, pool or yard. Any property holds a certain value, but what does it mean to you? Western Earthworks wants to take your dreams, ideas and thoughts and make them a reality. Why leave for a vacation when you could create your own getaway the second you walk out your back door?  

Our Landscape Construction Services Include:

  • Conceptual landscape design
  • Plantings, plant selection, Installation
  • Hardscapes, patios, walkways, freestanding and retaining walls
  • Property planing
  • Play areas
  • Lawns
  • Fields
  • Tree moving, planting
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