What makes our customers rest easy on high profile or environmentally sensitive projects?

Erosion control installed by Western Earthworks! Our crews and our equipment are second to none. The knowledge and care used to install a variety of different types of erosion control keeps our work zones contained and your wetlands clean. We consider ourselves guests in the home of Mother Nature with crews and team leaders who care about the project specifications, means, methods, while respecting and understanding the consequences of erosion control failure.

Wetland replication from Western Earthworks is well beyond playing in the mud. Our outlook and forethought on these projects comes from the unique opportunity we have of being able to create and replicate a wetland environment. Western Earthworks works hand in hand with some of the most well-respected wetland scientists in the Northeast which enables us to provide you with in-house resources and experience that comes from some of the very best in their field. Whether it is a low impact, environmentally challenging timber mat project and installation, or the necessary care required in planting and installing habitat structures or wetland plants,  we have you covered when it comes time for our crew to roll up their sleeves.

Examples of Our Capabilities

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