Develop-able Land in the Northeast is Becoming Increasingly Harder and Harder to Find

When pushing past the city limits into forested areas, the first call to any job site involves clearing. The equipment is diversified and timelines are usually short-if you need to stay on schedule call Western Earthworks!

Land Clearing - Western Earthworks

Land Clearing Services

  • R.O.W Clearing
  • Electrical, Gas and Water
  • Virgin Clearing of Electrical R.O.W
  • Developments
  • Solar Development
  • Building Lots
  • And More

Choosing Western Earthworks as your clearing and site work contractor means you skip the awkward, and sometimes timely, communication errors that take place when involving two contractors for one job. Our crews are equipped with state-of-the-art GPS technology. Our site work GPS combined with our reliable equipment allows us to identify clearing limits, wetlands, and all general layout. One crew, one company. Our employees and equipment can stay on grade at all times and that means you stay on time and on budget.

Examples of Our Capabilities

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